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St Basil’s Aged Care Services has been providing Home Care Packages for the past twenty years. We offer all levels of packages and will work with you to determine your priorities and goals in best utilizing your funding.

St Basil’s core philosophy is based on the importance of family, relationships and community in older people’s lives.

St Basils uses an individual client-support worker matching process to optimize opportunities for positive relationships between client and support worker. This means that every client has a primary support worker who provides the majority of care.

We take time to understand what is important to the client & carer, and then work towards assisting then to meet their goals.


Talk to us about how you would like to use your package…

Our Home Care Packages are designed with you to meet your needs – we aim to be as flexible as possible in assisting you to use the package in a way that best suits your lifestyle.

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Steps to engage our services

  1. Contact your GP and request an Aged Care Assessment (commonly referred to as an ACAT assessment)
  2. Once assessed you will be entered into the national queue for a package at the level of your assessment
  3. My Aged Care will send you a letter telling you that you have been granted a package – the letter will include your unique referral code
  4. Contact St Basil’s to request services and quote your unique referral code
  5. St Basil’s Case Manager will contact you and make an appointment to visit you to discuss your needs – all our assessments are completed in person
  6. If you are happy to have St Basil’s deliver services then we will provide you with a copy of our Home Care Agreement
  7. Once the Agreement is signed you are ready to go – Welcome to St Basil’s!

For more information regarding the process please go to My Aged Care

Our fees

  • St Basil’s specifically supports people who are experiencing financial disadvantage; and we are always willing to negotiate your fees.
  • St Basil’s has a compact management infrastructure –this means that you will have more of your budget available for services.

Our exit amount

  • St Basil’s does not charge an exit fee when you cease services.


Please contact us to discuss your needs – if you have not yet been assessed we are happy to explain the process to assist in making an informed choice.

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