Day Respite Centre

St Basil’s is funded to provide respite services for family carers under the Commonwealth Home Support Program. We can provide much needed support to carers either at home or at our family friendly day centre. We also offer special activities/events for family carers and shared events for family carers and care recipients. Why not give us a call and discuss your need for carer support.

Day Respite Centre – Café Zoe

The centre based program is designed to provide support to the carers of frail aged persons from Culturally & linguistically diverse cultures. The aim of the centre is to provide peace of mind to carers while they take a break from their care responsibilities to enable them to attend to their own needs, work, or just take a short break.  The day centre is open three days/week and will provide transport to and from the centre, a lunchtime meal, activities, social support and access to health referrals if required. Our centre will also offer a secure dementia specific service.

We have named our Centre Café Zoe to reflect our philosophy of celebrating life and living a full life (Zoe means life in Greek).  Our centre celebrates the lives of our clients – their stories, memories, place in history, and contribution from having lived a long life. For us, old age is a gift and an opportunity to look back with gratitude.

Our centre will be open to all people from multicultural groups but will a focus on the following cultural groups

  • Greek
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Egyptian
  • Serbian
  • Macedonian
  • Iraqi
  • Arabic

Our Day Centre is located on the corner of Charles and Carr Street, West Perth, with easy access and free parking for carers wishing to drop off or pick up family members.

Come and join us at Café Zoe and celebrate life…

In-Home Respite

In-Home RespiteThe in-home respite service provides support to family carers in the home.

Our staff will come to your home to provide support to your family member thus giving you the opportunity to attend to household errands, catch up with friends, or take a short break.

This service is for a minimum of two hours, but could be extended up to eight hours to ensure you have enough time to meet your own needs. Wherever possible St Basil’s will source a support worker who speaks your language. There are no cultural restrictions on this program –
we welcome people from all cultural backgrounds and will endeavour to provide a support worker who also understands your culture.

Are you waiting for a Package to be allocated to you?

We can help by offering interim services while you wait for your package to be allocated to you. This can range from Domestic Duties to Personal Care and more.

These services do not require an ACAT or RAS referral so why not give us a call?

Please call to find out how these services can support you in your caring role.


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